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Walk this way


Walk this way!

Happy New Year! How can your resolutions last? On a recent holiday we walked...

When to make decisions


When To Make Decisions

Tired of making decisions? Don’t be surprised, after all you must make hundreds...

Tombs of failed plans


Thinking outside the coffin. A Halloween story

The ghosts of failed plans swirl about your head; the groans of past failures...

Time to reflect


Polarised politics : how it affects your decisions

“May you live in interesting times”– it’s a Chinese curse, and whilst we...


Doublethink – a problem of scaling?

Whilst drafting his novel 1984, George Orwell referred, in a letter to his...

Winter is coming


Winter is coming....

You haven’t made a sale until you’ve banked the cash. It’s so easy to be...

words bring business success..or failure


Words bring business success…or failure

It is a problem when we are not understood by others. Our vocabulary is unique...



Crowdfunding isn’t just for finance

New product launches You have an idea that you hope people will like and pay...

Tax planning


Tax planning won’t cut it any longer

“Tax doesn’t need to be so taxing” or so HMRC’s advertisements claim. But the...