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words bring business success..or failure


Words bring business success…or failure

It is a problem when we are not understood by others. Our vocabulary is unique...



Crowdfunding isn’t just for finance

New product launches You have an idea that you hope people will like and pay...

Tax planning


Tax planning won’t cut it any longer

“Tax doesn’t need to be so taxing” or so HMRC’s advertisements claim. But the...

Don't fall in the quarry


Don't Fall In The Quarry....

 …and be back in time for dinner” my father would tell me when I and my...

Train crash customer care


Train Crash Intraction

Intraction - intractable interaction. My typo seems to work in this example,...

Getting that sale - it's a mystery


Getting that sale – it’s a mystery it happens

How do you make sure your seminar, prospect, whoever, stays with you right to...

Everyone loves a good story


Everyone loves a good story

We do – it fleshes out the point, makes everything memorable, and hopefully a...

Good ideas get scrambled


How to squash a good idea (or not)

Whether in business or in life, you have a great idea, you share it, and soon...

Judgement worker


The Rise of the Judgement Worker

“May you live in interesting times” – the Chinese certainly know how to create...