Diagnostic mentoring

 Agility Insights

Hixsons partners with Agility Insights when clients want a thorough, quick diagnostic tool to determine areas for increasing innovation and growth while reducing the risk associated with change.

The initial diagnostic is FREE and can be accessed here.

 Agility Insights delivers management services through Diagnostic Business Mentoring with a thought provoking measurement tool for management. Through a quick online self-assessment, leadership teams decode the unused potential in their organization to set the right direction for its future development. Clients reach peak performance through people-centric leadership with insights on culture, leadership, and systems. Up to 120 metrics explain the story of an organization on how to reach goals for superior success.

Hixsons and the Agility Insights team are executives turned educators with a combined experience of over 50 years in leading teams from ground floor start-ups to complex manufacturing plants to successfully achieve their short and long term goals.

Learn more at Agility Insights watch the video,or call us on 01202 520010