What businesses want

We know you want to be freed up from the drudgery of complying with Government regulations. You don’t want the hassle of dealing with this day-in-day out. You do want more time to concentrate on growing your business. You want up-to-date reliable information to help you make good decisions. And, of course you want value for money.

The risk of getting it wrong

VAT Returns

Making Tax Digital enables HMRC to launch more tax enquiries, resulting in more error spotting and subsequent fines. Because most bookkeepers are not trained and supervised, the number of errors in your VAT return is likely to be higher and you are at greater risk of incurring penalties.  


It will be too late to rely on your accountant at year-end to fix your errors. This is because HMRC are expecting quarterly VAT reporting to be accurate and the 4 quarters to match the annual accounts. Continuous checking of the books is therefore essential to avoid penalties and a huge waste of time.  

To remove these risks we always check your VAT returns before submission.


Woman on laptop

Bookkeeping made simpler

Businesses that get new software typically use older ways of working but don’t realise they can simplify their bookkeeping. This lack of awareness creates unnecessary work and cost. We can help you streamline your methods to make everything faster, cheaper and more accurate.

Alternatively, you may wish to leave it all to us. When Hixsons do your bookkeeping, we check it as we go, eliminating the need for lots of questions at year-end so making annual accounts much cheaper. Because our team are trained and supervised, the books are done faster and more accurately so you can make better decisions. That frees you up to get on with business.

We’ll work with you to find the solution that fits you best.

There’s more in our short videos on The Clouds Silver Lining and Computerised Accounting. And there are free Energiser sessions available to explore this more. Just contact us on 01202 520010 or email.


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