Hixsons give you more. This includes marketing support and guidance.  Businesses are short on expertise and resources, and worry that marketing will be money wasted. Clients have told us they need input to show them what works and how to do it. So we give you the tools to support your marketing, or can take on elements of it for you. We believe in helping you to help yourself, but we will fill in the gaps where needed.

We help you to focus on exactly the kind of marketing your business needs with a straightforward and jargon-free approach that  achieves results.  Investing time with us to take an objective look at how your business is marketed currently, what you are really getting for it and what you could be doing pays real dividends in the future and actually helps you to save money by reaching those customers that really matter.


We help you to look at all areas of the marketing mix, put together a comprehensive and practical marketing plan, and importantly help you to achieve it and measure its success. Good marketing is measurable, trackable and flexible. Getting the marketing right is vital for the future of your business. Our support will help you to stop looking at marketing as an expense and start seeing it as a real investment. And it’s easier than you think – no need to worry about cold calling or annoying customers.

What does this mean for you? Cost effective leads and new customers through targeted marketing.You will know what it costs and what it produces.


Contact us to find out how we can help to market your business cost-effectively and measure success. Just practical no-nonsense marketing advice from Dorset-based business advisors Hixsons.

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