How can small business stop cyber criminals?


How can small business stop cyber criminals?

Tips on stopping hackers - an interview with Jake Moore

Grow your business with little time or money


Grow your business with little time or money

How to grow your business with little time and money, and get a better work life balance

Work Life balance – how to get it, how to keep it


Work Life balance – how to get it, how to keep it

We all want a work life balance, but what is it, and how do we get it and keep it



Our mission is to provide the best ways to free up SME owners to achieve their aspirations and help themselves

We are your critical friend helping you achieve your full potential by removing the feeling “it’s all down to me” enabling you to get a good work-life balance

Conker Spirit

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Conker Spirit

Accurate Controls Ltd, Poole

We showed them how to carry out the product launch, helping with the marketing...
PFM Watchdog

What our clients say

Nick adds real value to our business, beyond the accountant’s obligatory checklist. He specialises in small business issues that are important to us, with a particular emphasis on business improvement, strategic planning and complex taxation issues. "

 "Hixsons have encouraged, cajoled, edited and critiqued the plan and I'm looking forward to the strategy sessions. They do all the things that I don't have the time to do or can't do and show me how I can do it myself in the future. That’s the spirit !

Rupert Holloway - Director - Conker Spirit

Hixsons are invaluable as we strive for future development. Nick and his team are always on hand for every conceivable problem. They are simply part of the team.

Malcolm Potter - Director - Accurate Controls Ltd, Poole

We have found Hixsons input invaluable. As a family business, both generations want a successful and profitable business. Nick has been the catalyst, helping keep us on track, recognising our individual skills and respecting the benefits each of us can bring to the company.

Nick is extremely helpful at board meetings, keeping us focused with clear objectives and we know we can rely on a speedy response when we need his professional opinion. Nick is able to see things from the outside but cares very much about the success of the business and family relationships within it.

Pauline Bonanni - Managing Director - Select Resorts Group

For years we bumbled along in a lifestyle business consistently making a small profit but underachieving. Hixsons carried out an audit of the business and opened our eyes.  Now with them as an integral part of the management team we're on the road to achieving more than we thought possible.  They give us focus with regular telephone and face-to-face meetings and our turnover and profits are up and our expansion programme is already underway.”

“They just make things happen, and help you drive your business to what it can achieve.

Simon M Roberts - Director - ASGuk Security & Safety Systems Ltd

I met the good and the great; solicitors usually involved in flagship international start-ups: everyone had a solution, usually slightly more convoluted than the previous one. Then I had a meeting with Nick Hixson and I kid you not: it took less than 5 minutes to work out an elegant structure which we ended up adopting. The resulting documents and process got a lot of praise from our most experienced investors. Pricing was transparent and reasonable.

Nuno Almeida - Director - Nourish Care Systems

Hixsons took us on board in 2006 as "just" our accountants. But they have been so much more than that. They keep us focussed with financial and business guidance and also with moral support and positivity as they understand the stress of running a small business.

Their interest and enthusiasm in all aspects of our business and approach makes us feel that they are "one of us" and it's comforting to know that they are just a phone call away.

Mike Toon - Managing Director - Mike Toon Limited

We have regular review and strategy sessions with Nick. To be honest we have just done what he says and it has worked - we just keep growing.

Melissa Horne - Director - Jigsaw Interior Design

We weren’t aware that there was such a thing as pro-active accountants until we came across Hixsons. Nick opened our eyes to the real value of someone who knows their own business inside out. He accessed areas of grants for our business which we didn't know existed, and made tax savings for us personally.

Mike Jarmey - Director - The Mayfield Group UK Limited

I’ve worked with several accountants in several businesses in the last 10 years but I can honestly say that Hixsons have been the best. They are genuinely helpful, friendly and easy to work with. In the last 6 months they’ve solved a big muddle of issues in our bookkeeping, then sorted out our R&D tax claims and now keep everything up to date on a weekly basis. Nick has also been advising me personally as a Director, without me having to prompt him with questions, he just tells me what I need to know when I need to know it. Literally the best accountants, bookkeepers, and advisors I’ve ever worked with. -Happy face-


Rad Dougall - Founder & CEO, Lumiserv

Since reading Nick’s blog and putting some of his techniques into practice I have seen a positive change in attitude and office culture. Our team shows greater levels of empowerment and creativity which increases the likelihood that our business will be able to respond to change and activity levels.

I was inspired  by Nick’s blogs about different angles and ways of thinking. There is a coaching quality to the blogs that has helped us to consider our processes from a different perspective. In a small business it’s important to get an outside perspective and I am glad that Nick puts in the time to write about these very helpful and interesting subjects.

Cindy Burcham - Office manager G Sait Limited