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You may need your business valued for a number of reasons, one of which is sale. Our strategy and planning advice is a necessary precursor to selling the business. You will find your business much easier to sell if it is well organised and it is clear what the buyer is acquiring. For that, it needs to be able to be run without you. We have tried and tested ways of getting you to that point. Whether you sell or not, it makes life easier and gives you more focus. And gives you more choice.

Ideally, we like to start about three years prior to a sale. Then there is time to organise the systems, groom any management to take over, and produce consistent results that will encourage a buyer to pay you the maximum. Timescales can change depending on what market conditions exist. We work closely with our preferred partners on this to make sure that we are aware of what is current in your industry to maximise value to you.

When considering whether to sell all or part of your business you will have many questions….

What would my business be worth?

Is my business saleable?

How would selling my business change my life?

We spend all the time that you need to make sure you get the result that you want. We make sure that your personal objectives are met, and we plan to minimise taxes so that your retirement is trouble-free and happy.

We have links with a local private equity and merger and acquisitions firm The NonExec and also with national business sales firms to ensure that you have the maximum exposure to potential buyers, to fit your needs. That may involve a trade sale, which may have an international dimension, or more local individual buyer might be sought.

We can also help with partial sales to arrange equity funding to enable you to pay off personal borrowings, and work with an equity partner for an eventual complete buyout if that is your chosen route.

Just contact us for an informal chat and find out how we can help.

At a glance

  • Maximising value
  • Planning for sale
  • Making the business saleable
  • Planning for life after business

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