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“It was good to talk and thanks for the ‘pep talk’ – my level of positivity and mental wellbeing increased considerably. Thank you for your continued support and advice, and the nuggets that get me through!”

Kevin Andrews, Director Space Industries

Changing advisers

Changing advisers is easy – you instruct us, and we write to or email your existing advisers who pass us all the information we need to make a seamless transfer. If you worry about telling them, we have a very polite template you can use.


We usually decide with you a monthly fee for the next 12 months. If something else crops up, we will discuss it with you first. We will, and do, tell you if work is unnecessary, and we do not duplicate work.

You are not a cash cow for us to milk. You are our trusted client, for us to help. We are not fans of hourly rates, as they are often an invitation to be inefficient and costly. We will do our best for you always – even if it costs us.

Emails and telephone calls are always included – we want you to talk to us before you make decisions, as that helps you get better results.


We limit the number of clients we have and how many we take on. We want to make sure we are a good fit for you and that we have the resources ready so that you have an excellent first experience working with us, and we can make a positive difference to you from day one.

We are easy to… to, work with, do business with, have a heart to heart with.

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What our clients think

“Prior to Hixsons, our company employed 2 accountancy firms from inception 20 years ago. Hixsons took on our company accountancy in 2010 and since this time have been proactive in their approach and made recommendations to available grants otherwise unknown to us. 

Hixsons are reliable, trustworthy and forward thinking. Our only regret is that we didn’t find them sooner!”

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