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I’ve created a set of videos to help you manage more effectively and get what you want from your business. Feel free to watch them in any order you find helpful. Some are what-to-dos and some are how-to-dos.

Taking some angst out of decisions

How is it possible to change the odds in your favor for decision-making both
business and personal.


Get agreement for the right reasons and use your team’s full capabilities.

When to make decisions

Get your timing right to avoid overspend.

What is your real decision making ability

Overconfidence in decision making – what can you do about it?

Want to scale? Don’t copy the big companies

How to grow and sleep at night.

The secret of perfect timing

Find out how you function so you can maximise your performance.

Save your new business – avoid the chasm

How to avoid the second dip when you launch something new.

OODA for competitive advantage

How to make decisions fast and beat the opposition.

Never mind the script – listen to your customer

Stop trying to delight your customers, it’s not the answer.

It’s better to ask than get – feedback is painful

How to get (and give) feedback without the stress.

Ignorance and laziness make the best investment decisions

Do less and gain more.

Getting that sale – it’s a mystery it happens

Keeping your customers interested and making it memorable.

What Superpower should an entrepreneur have?

We’ve all got it, here’s how to develop it.

The Clouds silver lining

Use the cloud to manage your business better.

Computerised accounting is not a panacea

Better decision-making, but know the limitations.

Aligning objectives

Make sure the business works for you and you stop working for it.

What’s the job to be done

How to find the workarounds that customers want you to solve.

Innovation part 1

What is innovation and what it isn’t – so you can do this.

Innovation part 2

Avoid the 7 deadly sins and find the wins.

Growth and control

How to keep control whilst you grow, or get better.


How to avoid common risks, and understand how to manage risk.

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