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Actively engaged teams are loyal, productive and innovative. Actively disengaged teams are unhappy, spread negativity to colleagues and customers, and cost you money. Engaged teams provide, on average, 17% more profitability and effectiveness. And you will have fewer HR issues.

If you need help motivating staff to perform, keeping them on message, or other people-related issues, we have proven strategies to help, which fit your personal and business goals. We know that employment law is constantly changing,and employment issues are a major risk to many businesses. The contract you drew up a few years ago may not pass muster in court now. We have seen at first-hand how Employment Tribunal claims can affect a business, not just the cost of the claim itself, but the lawyers’ fees and management time wasted as well. But for small businesses this can be too much, too late – they needed help earlier.

We have worked very well with Chris Wilkinson at XpertHR Solutions. He gives clear advice just when you need it. You can pay a monthly retainer, which insures you against tribunal claims, and we recommend this. But for Hixsons clients Chris has agreed to offer free information and services as a basic service. It doesn’t have the insured element but it will get you basic compliance documents and help.

We know that employers should at the very least have in place Contracts of Employment, a Disciplinary & Grievance Policy and, if employing more than 5 people, a Health & Safety Policy. So we have provided a free draft Contract of Employment, HR Administration Guide and Disciplinary & Grievance Policy template to offer a helping hand. XpertHR is a professional HR support service for the small and medium sized employer operating throughout the UK, and works with businesses across all sectors. Chris provides a local and personal service and prides himself on telling you what you can do, not what you can’t.

Free helpline and personal support

Our clients have access to a free local help-line of up to 2 phone calls or one free hour of HR professional support time on-site per year where you will have the opportunity to talk through any concerns or questions you may have so that you have in place preventative measures to ensure HR policies protect you at minimum cost.

Contract of employment

Because we know how important this is, and because it needs more guidance we suggest you use some of the free one-to-one support with Chris to make sure it says what you need it to say and fits your business.

HR administration guide

This has been produced to help you set up or improve your HR administration. In small companies, someone is often responsible for HR administration along with a number of other activities, and it can be frustrating to try to find out exactly what you are supposed to be doing and where to find help. This pack gets you started by showing all the activities you need to cover in HR administration, and where to go for further help.

Hixsons clients are automatically covered. Contact Chris Wilkinson on 01202 611033/07989 717826 or at

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