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“It is always a wonderful experience to work with Nick. He’s an authentic expert, who knows the nitty-gritty of how to get things done and done well. I appreciate his good-humoured nature. Peter Drucker wrote ’You don’t want only yes-men or yes-women’. Nick is not a yes-man, he will take the time to observe facts, express his opinion and guide you in your learning journey.”

Yavnika Khanna, Communications Manager Brightline Initiative

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We think you should have access to as much useful content that we can produce, so that you can help yourself to keep control of your business and your life. Its free – we don’t believe we should charge you for every little thing.

Encouraging you to help yourself isn’t completely altruistic – the better the questions you ask of yourself and us, the better we can help you, which benefits us both.

There are blogs and videos on growth, management, thinking and decisions, planning, management, strategy and many other topics designed to help you. So quite literally, please help yourself, safe in the knowledge that we are here to help you as well. Just call us for a free chat or email us. And there are free Energiser sessions available to explore your goals more.


A smarter way of setting goals

A smarter way of setting goals

Goal setting encourages failure and should not be binary. Small changes and flexibility are the keys to success and fulfilment.

What is enough?

What is enough?

Why you need to decide why you are in business and what success means to you. Then you can decide what enough to enable you to enjoy your life

When I’ve got time…

When I’ve got time…

How many times has a client said that they will get their bookkeeping up to date, get their tax return info to us, implement a strategy etc, and it hasn’t happened? Why not, and what can be done?

How to avoid innovation paralysis

How to avoid innovation paralysis

We are repeatedly told that we need to innovate to stay ahead of the game. We’re not often told what that means, and certainly not how to do it. Here’s how.


Growth and control

What’s the job to be done

Save your new business – avoid the chasm

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