Proactive help

Hixsons are business enablers and accountants in Bournemouth, Dorset. Most small and medium sized businesses need someone to help their company to grow... that is what we do best.

We are easy to,  work with,  do business with, connect with,  have a heart to heart with.

Our mission is to enable you to realise your goals by giving you the tools to set, measure and achieve your vision.

Of course we do the basics:

Accounts, bookkeeping, tax returns, audits

So that compliance issues are dealt with on time and on budget.

But we are not number mongers – simply purveyors of technical information designed to make sense of legislation.

We are enablers which means that we ensure you get solutions to your needs which are specific, and understandable;

  • Strategy
  • Planning
  • Sales management
  • People management
  • and of strategies

Which means that you have peace of mind - a professional is always available (and we don't charge for phone calls or emails).

Through facilitation and coaching, we will enable you to set and realise your own personal and business objectives. We do this with a variety of unique programs which ensure that you achieve what matters to you.

It's all here.

Research shows that the top two things that people, businesses and organisations want from their advisors are:

  1. To really understand them and their business
  2. To be pro-active with approaches and ideas.

"Nick is one in a million. If you haven't met him, do yourself a great service and meet him. You will be pleased you invested the time to find out how much he can help you in all sorts of ways in your business."

We know that we have built something which is genuinely useful: you would be significantly better off engaging with us.

It really is All About You.