We are people!


We are people!

We should be customer centric – after all it is only customers who pay us....

Clarity and Purpose – Finding your true North


Clarity and Purpose – Finding your true North

Do we know our audience? Or do we jump from one thing to another looking for...

LinkedIn engagement


LinkedIn engagement: top tips on how to get noticed

Here are a few of my best tips on getting yourself and your business seen on...

Why can't we get our customers trust?


Why can't we get our customers trust?

Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash Mixed messages perhaps?...

Stop annoying your customers


Stop annoying your customers!

Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash   Don't shout at...

Listen to your customer


Never mind the script – Listen to your customer

Research in 2010 shows clearly what to do in delighting customers.  Please...

Avoid The Chasm


Save Your New Business – Avoid The Chasm

There is an issue with any new product launch. It’s commonly described in...

GDPR- What SMEs Need to Do (and Don't)


GDPR – What SMEs Need To Do (and Don’t)

There is plenty of commentary on this mandatory measure which comes into force...

Winter is coming


Winter is coming....

You haven’t made a sale until you’ve banked the cash. It’s so easy to be...

words bring business success..or failure


Words bring business success…or failure

It is a problem when we are not understood by others. Our vocabulary is unique...



Crowdfunding isn’t just for finance

New product launches You have an idea that you hope people will like and pay...

Train crash customer care


Train Crash Intraction

Intraction - intractable interaction. My typo seems to work in this example,...

Getting that sale - it's a mystery


Getting that sale – it’s a mystery it happens

How do you make sure your seminar, prospect, whoever, stays with you right to...

Everyone loves a good story


Everyone loves a good story

We do – it fleshes out the point, makes everything memorable, and hopefully a...


Do You REALLY Know The Job To Be Done?

We keep hearing that innovation is the lifeblood of every business, and yet we...

online shopping


Marketing Automation for Small Businesses – Should You Have It?

Maybe you should. And it needn’t cost the earth. Geof Gibbons at Stampwood has...



What Superpower Should An Entrepreneur Have?

It’s easy enough to make a list of what qualities an entrepreneur should have....



Labels. How Many Have You Got?

I meet someone for the first time: “What do you do?” they ask. “I’m an...


Marketing automation - the what and why

Marketing changed forever with the advent of the internet, social media and...


Are you a maximizer or satisficer? And why you would care?

A maximizer tries to produce the best result, which may mean spending time and...


Remarketing – what is it and how do I use it?

How many people visit your web site each day? What percentage of them either...


How to have no competitors

The usual way to analyse your potential customer base is by some sort of market...


Getting your life back – Mission Possible

Growth can have its drawbacks. Often a period of growth means that the poor...


In a Nutshell Social Media Guide

The purpose is to provide a simple guide for business owners on how to use...


In a Nutshell Marketing Plan Guide

The purpose is to provide a simple guide to business owners on how to use a...


The shrinking gap between big biz and small biz

The Great Divide Shall we discuss size first? Big business is, well, bigger!...


Use Google+ because it's good for your business, good for your SEO and it’s the next big thing

Yes, it's less popular than Facebook. Compared to Facebook's 800 million...


How to connect on LinkedIn

It’s easy enough - Linkedin does it for you, but how do you make a good...

Hixsons blog - Arse-time


Arse time.....

We seem to have invented a new concept – arse time. This occurs quite regularly...


Is marketing really important in a recession?

Is marketing really important in a recession? Don’t follow the herd – it might...


More thoughts on market research (and some helpful tips)

I wrote about market research in a previous blog. Since then, we’ve run a...


First impressions count - get your telephone service right with these seven easy steps

  First Impressions Count – get your telephone customer service right with...