ASGuk Systems Ltd

ASGuk Systems Ltd develop, install and monitor safety and security solutions for businesses including on-site and remote CCTV, access control, alarms and monitoring, emergency call systems, gates and barriers and automatic doors. Their main customers are NHS hospitals, care, warehousing & transport sectors, universities and schools.

The story

The company had excellent technical expertise and were well regarded by their customers as coming up with innovative and cost effective security solutions. However, their internal systems were disorganised and they had to rework and fire fight which led to losses and some customer dissatisfaction. As their largest customers are public authorities and provide nearly 40% of turnover there was a real risk. We provided a guided profit improvement plan (with some grant funding) and helped with systemising their operation which reduced internal conflict and improved the customer experience.

The results

Turnover rose by 40 % and profits improved by 600% within a year. We have continued to work with them on the strategy plan which has identified marketing opportunities that could lead to turnover growing 4 times within 4 years, and we have changed the management remuneration structure to reduce both personal and corporation tax bills. We are also supporting the company with on-going coaching and implementing the marketing elements of the strategy so that their objectives are met. And we have negotiated a tax refund for R&D costs of over £15k for them.

Here’s what they said

“For years we bumbled along in a lifestyle business consistently making a small profit but underachieving. Hixsons carried out an audit of the business and opened our eyes.  Now with them as an integral part of the management team we’re on the road to achieving more than we thought possible.  They give us focus with regular telephone and face-to-face meetings and our turnover and profits are up and our expansion programme is already underway.

They just make things happen, and help you drive your business to what it can achieve.”

Simon M Roberts Director 
ASGuk Security & Safety Systems Ltd


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