How we helped two clients raise money

This was made possible through our access to more than 100 lenders via Hixsons new partnership with Capitalise which includes the major lenders as well as all the new banks and alternative lenders.

The first was for a water sports retailer who needed to build up their stock ready for the spring and summer. They raised £50,000, which meant that they are now well-placed to exploit their growing market. The second was for an outdoor events company who raised £150,000 for a new travelling dinosaur experience.

Reduced time and effort

Alternative lenders were used in both cases, and the lending was unsecured at reasonable rates. Only one application was necessary, so time and effort were minimised for both clients. We used the platform to whittle down the available lenders to the four that had the most favourable deals, and then applied to all four of them at once. We also didn’t have to wait for one lender to turn down the application before we could apply to another. If none of them had been keen, we would have simply expanded the search.

Both deals paid out within 3 weeks from application

Smarter funding solutions 

Businesses tend to concentrate on their profit and loss account, but spend little time on their balance sheet. The balance sheet is where all the assets are, and quite often these can be refinanced or financed on better terms to release cash to help fuel growth. It is quite easy to make a lot of sales, and profits, and still go bust. The faster you grow, the greater the risk. It’s called overtrading. Controlled growth, with good management of your working capital and other assets, is the key to not just surviving, but thriving.

The areas where we can help are:

Working capital funding

Releasing cash tied up in sales invoices to reduce your credit risk

Funding new property

A credit line if you take payments by credit card

Refinancing plant and equipment to enable you to expand

We can also create a real time report that shows what your credit rating is, and what can be done to improve it, prior to funding.

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