Mike Toon Limited

The company operates from Poole, collecting general builders waste, and recycling it wherever possible. New for Spring/Summer 2015 is a range of jaw crushers for re-cycling concrete and tarmac.

The story

Mike Toon has been in business for 20 years, and came to us for help eight years ago, because they were facing increased price sensitive competition and were experiencing falling profits.

The solution

Through a government funded strategy program, we helped them re-position themselves to provide more added value services by recycling more, which had the unusual effect of reducing sales, but improving profits.

They have continued this ethos, and have developed their own recycling methods which have proved very successful, to the extent that they can now transfer this methodology to other firms.

Mike Toon Limited

Toggle plate jaw crushers

The Future

Mike has now sourced and modified a series of small,  value-for-money, portable jaw crushers for on-site work suitable for plant hire, small builders, driveway contractors and landscapers who want to save on haulage and landfill, which could be re-cycled and re-used or sold. Larger operators and councils may be interested in the larger crushers in the range for their no-blockage design.

The company already has expertise in arranging solutions to maximise waste recovery and revenue for their customers but they needed help with the product launch of these new machines. So we are plugging that gap by carrying out market research, competitor and gap analysis, devising the marketing messages and communications methods to drive sales.

Here’s what they said

“Hixsons took us on board in 2006 as “just” our accountants. But they have been so much more than that. They keep us focussed with financial and business guidance and also with moral support and positivity as they understand the stress of running a small business. 

Their interest and enthusiasm in all aspects of our business and approach makes us feel that they are “one of us” and it’s comforting to know that they are just a phone call away.”

Managing Director

Mike Toon

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