Nourish Care

Nourish Care supports care workers, families, service and community managers by helping older people maintain their independence. It does this by using game changing cloud and mobile apps to meet the need for better resource management, and more informal carer involvement.

The story

Nourish Care is an early stage start up, and beginning to scale up. Its new care integration system empowers care providers, patients and their families to achieve better joined-up care.

Having completed the development stage, they are now starting to achieve market penetration by building strong alliances with directors of social services and public health, care commissioners and care providers who are all starting to see the reduced costs and enhanced patient care as a result of using Nourish Care’s revolutionary system.

To enable faster market penetration and growth, the company needed second stage funding so that it could achieve early profitability.

The solution

Due to the management accounting support we give Nourish Care, and the reporting systems we helped them design and use, they were able to convince investors that the company was on course and could manage the anticipated growth.

They subsequently raised the necessary funds quickly and cheaply to allow plans to go forward uninterrupted.

Here’s what they said

“We have an elegant structure, and the resulting documents and process got a lot of praise from our most experienced investors. So our second investment round went without  a hitch”

Nuno Almeida


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