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The story

Growth brings its own challenges, and in Mayfield’s case, a need for more management help, a topic we’ve talked about often. The owners needed to work with people at their level who were as motivated and competent as they were. It was important to them that they made good choices.

The solution

The owners identified a complimentary business as a strategic partnership, another topic we’ve covered a lot, and with help from us, they negotiated an arrangement between the two partners. We helped manage the engagement process and necessary legal agreements, and helped with systems and processes to ensure that the planned growth happens smoothly.

The result

The company should double its turnover in the next few years, exceeding the objectives in the original strategic plan we helped them create. And this will be accomplished without strain on management resources and owners time – in fact that burden should reduce.

Here’s what they said

“Hixsons made the process less intimidating and kept everyone on track. It was great to have people to turn to who can offer to help us make the right decisions. We have trusted our instincts,taken good advice and believe we have a prosperous future with our new partners.”

Debbie Jarmey

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