Grants from the Government are available to help you sort out your strategy, get more profitable, streamline your systems and much more.

You can get up to £1000 quite easily and quickly for short term projects that can really make a difference to your business.

The signs are such that we are now expecting a downturn in the economy in 2012, so it’s wise to get everything working at its optimum level now to protect your business as much as possible.

We have helped clients with:

  •          Strategy
  •          Growth
  •          Profitability
  •          Cash flow
  •          Systems streamlining

We’ve also used the same techniques to create a succession plan to hand over to the next generation,  changed a company’s manufacturing base and created more sales focus, groomed a business for eventual sale,  and found better ways of paying  the owners so that the company’s cash flow is improved.

This grant will be available potentially until March 2012, but it has to be used by then, so apply soon to ensure your business gets the help it needs.

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