Time passes, you’re busy, and things are changing.  Maybe not the things you want to change; those might be more time with the family, a way of exiting at some point, feeling more fulfilled, or even earning some more money.

What to do? Grow out of the problem! So – do you just work harder? You know that long-term this isn’t the solution but it may be the only solution you think you have. You’re wrong. You need to work smarter, not harder. You’ve heard that before but it has never been expressed in terms that are in any way meaningful to you. How are you supposed to work smarter – in what areas – what specifically should you do? There are plenty of business books that exhort you to follow some particular plan that worked so well for the author. But his context is not your context. Inspiration doesn’t translate into detailed actions that positively affect you. You’ve tried this. It didn’t work.

We’ve talked about this in The Firm of Your Future, we’ve given you a list of growth ideas in It’s Hard to Grow – Here’s How (that is just part one) and we’ve done Videos on growth.

In all of these, it’s not just about growth, it’s about you feeling happy and fulfilled in your work and personal life. We’ve worked in detail with about 30 clients to change their business and give them the freedom and results that they want. We start by aligning personal and business objectives. It’s crucial to getting this right. You decide what success means for you, and you decide what objectives you want to set over what time span and in what order you want to achieve them. Things which are meaningful for you which will make a difference for you. It is all about you, as it should be.

We can start this off with an Energizer session which lasts for a couple of hours. It can all stop there if you get enough out of it. In that session we will explore what’s important to you, develop some ideas for business success for your financial freedom and a rolling plan for your future that values you and the important things in your life. It will help you to build a sustainable business structure and get you the balance you want in your life.

You get a full report of everything, with an action plan that you decide you want to do, laid out over a timescale you decide you can achieve. If we are not doing full strategy planning or something similar for clients, we do this for every client that wants it.

For nothing. It’s actually worth £500. Why would we do that?

We do this for potential clients and new clients as well for the same reason we like to do it with existing clients. It gives us a very good idea of what you want. People don’t just want their accounts and tax dealt with any more. They (and you) deserve more – and we need to understand you so that we can help you better to achieve your goals. So you get more. Again, we do this for nothing. It’s in both our interests that we are a good fit for what you need. Or you won’t get all that you could have. You need to make sure you do.

You just have to ask. Email nick@hixsons.co.uk or call 01202 520010.