The Government are funding training and consultancy on a wide range of business issues allied to the recession. It can be for planning, strategic issues on finding new customers, keeping the ones you have, improving profits – in fact, pretty much anything that can demonstrate a business benefit for the owners and senior managment.

The scheme has been extended for another year, and is aimed at small businesses with 5 to 250 people, although smaller entities can benefit too, in the right circumstances. The paperwork is simple, and funding of £1000 is available for businesses that spend £1500 on this process.

As a firm, we’ve had a lot of success with this scheme. We’ve found extra profits for every business we’ve run it for, by using our specialist software package which facilitates a discussion on the areas for improvement, and produces an easily actioned list of changes.

It’s good, produces quick results, and costs next to nothing. And might make your business survive!