You don’t want those!

You want CASH and CHOICES! Growth and profits help the business to fulfil your personal objectives. You didn’t start the business so that you could have thousands of employees, and earn millions of pounds. You started is that you could have the freedom to do that kind of work you like, be your own boss, take holidays or pursue outside interests when you like, and have the cash available to do so, and even into your retirement.

But it’s not always how you end up, is it? Overworked, stressed, needing help but not knowing what, and struggling to get a week in Majorca let alone anything more exotic.

Most business advisory tools are used to drive growth in profits. But without a clear understanding of what YOU want, that only does half the job. You need to be clear about your goals, and by that I mean personal goals.

Driving growth and profits up is a means to an end, not an end in itself. It still needs to be done, and that’s what we do best here. But we are know why.

Because other key thing that we try and build in is choice. You can choose to take four weeks off or you can choose to work. Sometimes – most of the time these days – you can’t choose. You have to work. But if we can build in the choices then the work becomes easier, stress levels drop, and who knows – you make it for your four weeks off.

It’s essential to plan personal goals as well as business ones. Just doing the business ones is just doing half the job.