As we get further into lockdown the cash coming in slows down and the chances of your business failing increases. April has been challenging, May is going to be even more so as any work started in March dries up and future work becomes more difficult to predict.

The Government backed loan scheme seems difficult to access through the banks. They are overwhelmed partly because businesses are applying for loans using business plans suited for normal conditions. This is slowing down bank’s responses and causing some applications to fail.

Money, now

We have experience in what the banks want, and we have a template that addresses their needs, so that your bank can quickly decide whether your business can be supported. The quicker you get the money, the better your chances of survival.

Bank criteria

One of their criteria is that you need to demonstrate you are not taking out more than you need for your day to day living expenses. Every bank has a form for this – we will guide you to find and fill in what is needed quickly.

The banks also want to know that you have tried all other forms of help. You need to tell them what you have done and what the result was. There is no money for expansion, only for survival.

We have a diagnostic tool that goes through all steps you need to take, and we will help write your plan so that the bank is sure that the loan is the right solution. The diagnostic also helps with more basic decisions, such as should you cocoon your business, pivot it to new revenue streams, or, unfortunately, seek insolvency protection?

We have produced many business plans for funding over the years – the differences in this new variation are critical to your survival.

We are helping all our clients, and we have capacity to help you too. We think it is important that all businesses that can survive do survive, so we have made our service affordable for any size loan.

It won’t cost you to get in touch and find out more. Here’s how: email or call 01202 520010